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Telescopic carp rod for fishing on the feeder Feeder rod CONDOR Splendid Spinning carp telescope

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Minimum unit: 100000015 Sold In: sell_by_piece Logistics weight: 0.581 Logistics size - width (cm): 10 Название бренда:
Размер логистики - длина (см )100 Logistics size - height (cm): 5 Origin: China Hardness: Very hard Action: FAST Model Number: Splendid Material: Carbon Location: Sea fishing from a boat Location: Sea fishing from the shore Location: Lake Location: River Location: Artificial Pond Location: stream Each package: 1 Category: Carp fishing rod Top Diameter: 10 mm�I: 100000015 Sold In: sell_by_piece Each package: 1 Logistics weight: 0.450 Logistics size - length (cm): 15 Logistics size - height (cm): 16 Logistics size - width (cm): 11

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